Contract Disputes

Contract disputes – Breach of contract


If you entered into a (binding) contract and the other side failed to fulfill its end of the bargain, you want an experienced lawyer to protect your interests. You want an attorney who understands contract law and can help you recover all the damages to which you are entitled. This actually is a very complicated area of law. Michael Payman Kade has litigated 1000s of such disputes. That’s our guaranteed record.

At the Law Offices of Michael P. Kade, our experienced attorneys litigate a wide range of contract disputes for individuals and businesses ranging in size from sole proprietorships to international corporations and partnerships. We will apply our years of experience and legal skills to resolve your business dispute with as little impact as possible to your health and bottom line. Contact Law Offices of Michael P. Kade today for a free initial consultation with a highly skilled contract dispute attorney in Los Angeles, California.