From drug use, possession to possession for sale and trafficking, attorneys at The Law Offices of Michael P. Kade  have successfully represented 100s of clients. With two specific laws on the books in the State of California, many clients are able to have the entire record wiped out after a short time even if they’re technically convicted. Whether you’re charged with small or large-scale drug possession and/or trafficking or simple possession of a controlled substance for personal use, our narcotics/drug attorneys draw on over 56 years of combined experience as former cops and public defenders and current lawyers.

Lead criminal defense attorney Michael Payman Kade  is a drug crime defense lawyer who works closely with private investigators (all of whom are former police officers).

It is the job of an experienced and caring lawyer to identify the mistakes and other violations by the police and prosecutors. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Did the police violate US and/or California search and seizure laws?
  • Did the police “set-up” the client or his/her co-conspirators in violation of US and/or California entrapment laws?
  • Did the police rely on liars and bogus so called “confidential police informants”?
  • Did the police exaggerate, lied or mislead the judge in order to obtain a search warrant?
  • Did the police exaggerate and lie in the reports?

Where appropriate, our attorneys will file all necessary motions to suppress evidence illegally obtained and where appropriate Attorneys at Law Offices of Michael P. Kade will negotiate a deal for the client.