About Michael P. Kade

556744_10150965226113844_72622802_nAs a former Los Angeles Police Officer (R) and now an attorney for the past 13 years, Michael Kade had dedicated his professional life to fighting for justice. Law Offices of Michael P. Kade has been representing clients all over California in matters of Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation and Lemon Law. At any given time, Law Offices of Michael Kade handles, lemon law matters, various business, partner and corporate litigation as well as criminal cases from shoplifting, petty and grand theft, robbery, burglary, assault, battery, DUI (drunk driving), ADW, drug cases to attempted murder and rape. Michael Payman Kade is repeatedly hired by lawyers to handle their criminal, civil and lemon law matters.

Over 14 Iranian-American and many other lawyers and judges have hired Michael Payman Kade to represent their interest. California Lemon Law matters (Song Beverly Act), Criminal Defense, including, shoplifting, theft, burglary, robbery, assault, battery, murder, rape, sodomy, statutory rape, embezzlement, drunk driving (DUI), drug possession, drug sales, cultivation of marijuana. Civil litigation, including accident, dog bites, business litigation, contract litigation, tort litigation, partner disputes, collection, civil litigation defense.