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CNN Interview about Wells Fargo fake accounts

Los Angeles lawyer Michael Kade brought one of the first lawsuits against the banking giant, Wells Fargo. His unprecedented action grabbed the attention of the Los Angeles Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Beverly Hills Courier, and many other news organizations. He is never afraid to fight for justice no matter how big the opponent. Watch part of the interview below:

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  • Former Los Angeles Police Officer
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Mediator – Graduate of The Pepperdine Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution
  • Professor of Law
  • Civil Litigator / Trial Attorney
  • Licensed In:
    • California State Court
    • California Federal Court
    • United States Supreme court
    • Texas District Court
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What my clients and colleagues say about me

"I was a public defender for almost a decade in LA. As such, I got to know a lot of private criminal attorneys. Most private attorneys were not noticeably prepared or engaged in their clients' cases. But, Michael stood out to me. He is engaged and prepared - the sign of an excellent defense lawyer. Michael truly cares for his clients and knows the law. He is not afraid to make his points, and go the extra mile for his client, especially in court. He is diplomatic, yet properly aggressive and persuasive. We have become good friends and trusted colleagues over the years. I am proud to say that because Michael is a class act. You should hire him with confidence and disregard any negative reviews here. He is an awesome, trustworthy lawyer. Period."

Andrew Leventhal

"Mr. Kade is honest, loyal, caring and most importantly smart. While those first qualities are great, most importantly I want my lawyer to be smart, so my case has the highest chance of success. I have full confidence in the smarts and ability of Mr. Kade. I trust him, and will continue to do so for my legal needs. Thank you Mr. Kade."

Philip Liva

"AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!! I'm so happy I consulted with attorney Micheal Kade. It turned out to be the best decision I could make to help me understand the legal situation I was seeking help for. The attention and professionalism I experienced from Mr. Kade and his staff was the best from beginning to end, absolutely top notch. I immediately felt assured, that I would be well taken care of. It was truly refreshing to feel completely confident that, Micheal Kade was the best attorney I could choose to represent me. BEST RESULTS EVER!!!!!!"

Alma R. Gavia

"The Law Offices of Michael Kade is always my first point of contact for any legal matters. Michael is extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable, and selfless in his practice of law. He knows the California court system backwards and forwards, and has an incredible work ethic that will not rest until your case is settled to his highest standard. Moreover, if Michael feels he can not be of service, he will always guide you in the right direction while having your best interest in mind. Hence, whenever I need the advice or involvement of an attorney, I call his office, hand everything over to him, and sigh a sense of relief because I trust him to achieve the absolute best outcome. Time and time again, Michael has proven himself to me and others who I have referred to him. Simply said, the level of support and expertise he provides, instantly relieves any unnecessary stress. If you need a lawyer, call his office. You will not regret it."

Alex Adhami

"I truly had the best experience I have ever had with a law firm! For my case, I had been to few law firms and in terms of the quality of consultation and professionalism none of them were even close to Michael Kade. To begin with, he was very humble and caring. he took his time to listen to the facts of my case and made very accurate predictions about how my case would turn out. (I know this now after my case is done) He was extremely knowledgeable about the laws and the procedures and a true experts in his field. I highly recommend Michael Kade and his team!"

Fred Esla

"I am writing this review because everyone needs to know of GREAT help and services that Mr. Kade and his team provide. Mr. Kade’s vast knowledge and compassion to help is unbeatable and the fact that his first consultation was free was extremely helpful saving me money."

Tina Blick

"Last year I hired Michael for my brothers DUI, he not only lowered his fees to help us out but he refused to just take any deal he fought long and hard for his case. I highly recommend him for all criminal matters!!"

Esmeralda Moreno

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