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IAPA’s ‘One Life To Live’ Helps Teens Face Dangerous Challenges
Attorney Michael Payman Kade will be one of the featured speakers at the next “One Life to Live” seminar for teens and their parents at 6 p.m., Monday, March 4 at the Four Seasons Hotel, 300 S. Doheny Dr.

Sponsored by the Iranian American Parents Association (IAPA) to help teens facing “dangerous challenges,” the program will address: “Addictions & Internet,” “Bullying & Family Dysfunction,” and “Sex, Anger and Violence.”

Kade will join other speakers including BHPD Chief Dave Snowden, BHUSD Superintendent Dr. Gary Woods, BHPD Lt. Joseph Chirillo, L.A. County Sheriff Dept. Sgt. Mark Cripe and Dr. Nanaz Pirnia, psychotherapist, brain integration specialist.

All will speak and then take part in a Q&A session.

Kade, a former LAPD officer who became an attorney with two degrees in criminal justice, will speak about the kinds of crimes that involve teenagers and the consequences of having a criminal conviction “that may follow them for the rest of their lives.”

An attorney for 14 years, Kade has written in both English and Farsi on such topics as drug and alcohol abuse, hit-and-run accidents, hot pursuits and cyber sex.

Most of the teens who come to his Brentwood office—50 percent of his practice—never think about the consequences of a bad decision, Kade reveals. For example, not realizing that getting into a fight can lead to an assault and battery charge.

Offenses that lead to a felony can mean someone convicted can’t own a weapon and may be prevented from voting or getting a job in a sensitive field.

Sometimes an arrest record can be expunged “in the interest of justice and dismissed,” Kade says. “But once someone has a record; they always have a record.”

A large or sophisticated company can get access and “probably not hire you or take you into consideration,” Kade says.

Kade’s cases with junior- and high-school students have involved stalking, statutory rape and sex with a minor.

One case involved an underage girl, upset that she’d been dumped by her boyfriend, who told her parents she’d been raped.

“It’s important to remember that minors can’t give consent,” advises Kade. “So the boyfriend could face charges.”

Another case involved a boy who had a naked picture of his under-18-aged girlfriend in his school locker and faced pornography charges.

Right choices—like in friends and “who to hang out with”—will be part of Kade’s message. “Bad friends will ruin your life. That funny guy may make a mistake and do something big and take you with him,” Kade admonishes.

Kade’s own mother was killed by a 24-year-old driver who was under the influence of three drugs at the time. “So I take this very seriously, and want to prevent this from happening again.”

He wants teens to “stop playing the blame game on parents and school and take charge of their lives.”

If teens go to a party and drink, Kade says, they should think and have a plan beforehand—“The time to be responsible is not when you’re drunk.”

The interactive evening will also feature a film and a simulation of how probation facilities treat teens.

Tickets, $30 for adults and $15 for teens 15-19, are available at

Phone reservations may be made by calling 310-358-3337 or emailing

For more information, call Pirnia, 310-286-1480.

Event sponsors include: the Four Seasons Hotel, Stanley Black, BHPD, 670AM KIRN Radio Iran, BHUSD and Asre Emrroz TV.

—Steve Simmons