Partner Disputes

Shareholder and Partner Disputes

Business professionals as well as family members enter into business ventures on a regular basis. Usually at the outset, partners see eye-to-eye and often enter into partnership without the necessary documents preppared and signed (such as shareholder agreements, partnership agreements and/or corporate documents). Later, they face issues such as financing, partners lack of contribution as initially agreed to, lawsuits, tax and regulation violation issues. Law Offices of Michael P. Kade and Michael Payman Kade, Esq., have been representing individuals and businesses since 1999 in all issues relating to partner disputes, business lawsuits, corporations violations of state, federal and local laws.

We protect and when necessary restore the rights of majority and minority shareholders, officers and directors and defend and prosecutes lawsuits on behalf of individuals and corporations anywhere in California. 

At Law Offices of Michael P.Kade, we encourage clients and work hard to resolve disputes out of court by engaging in mediation, direct talks and when proper, arbitration.

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